Swarovski Stay-On-Case Objective Module for 65mm Spotting Scope

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Swarovski Optik 65mm Objective Module Stay-on Case for ATX/STX provides the optimum security for your Swarovski Optik 65mm Objective modules. Even when it covers to protect from dust and moisture, it can allow access to necessary parts!

Swarovski Optik 65mm Objective Module Stay-on Case is an excellent choice for your Swarovski Optik 65mm objective modules. With the carefully tailored design, the case serves its purpose to an optimum level. It ensures the safety of the objective module during storage, transit, and throughout the fieldwork. The case protects the objective from any friction or impact. Also, the surface of the case will not rub on to the objective lens. The design of the stay-on case for a perfect grip enables the fearless portability of the system.

Our Take on the Swarovski Optik 65mm Objective Module Stay-on Case:

Swarovski Optik 65mm Objective Module Stay-on Case features a tough green and black Cordura exterior surface. This rugged nylon exterior provides excellent durability to the cases and enhances the safety of the objective. The case also features a protective form-fitting sheath. The sheath zips into shape with the objective and enables a secure skin-tight fit. This snug-fit system provides the user with a slip-proof grip on the optics. The interior of the case is soft padded, ensuring a friction-free environment to the exterior surface of the objective. The stay-on case also facilitates snap fasteners and a wrap-around zipper. These features provide access to the retractable sunshade and the tripod mount of the scope. It also ensures that the zoom and focusing rings of the spotting scope are always accessible to the user.

Swarovski Optik 65mm Objective Module Stay-on Case weighs 125 grams. The low weight and high durability of the product make it the right choice for an enhanced and worry-free glassing experience. Its design shows high resistance to impact. It also features jolt and shock-absorbing properties. These factors minimize the possible threats to the optics in the field or during transit. It ensures high security to the optics from scratches or dents, even when you drop the unit to the ground. The cases feature a waterproof and tear-resistant nylon shell. Thus they are ideal to use, even under extreme weather conditions.

Swarovski Optik 65mm Objective Module Stay-on Case and its functional and ergonomic design guarantee an extremely smooth and quick usage. The major function of the accessory is to protect the spotting scope from moisture and dust. It also provides the optics a friction-free and impactless environment. Besides, the case also acts as a carrier. Even while it covers the objective for protection, it allows easy access to its necessary parts. It provides excellent and complete protection to the entire spotting system.


Compatibility: For spotting scopes with 65mm objective lens from Swarovski Optik
Material: Cordura nylon
Interior: Soft padded
Water Resistance: Waterproof
Tear Resistance: Yes
Impact Resistance: Yes
Slip-proof: Yes
Design: Snug-fit
Combination With Eyepiece Stay-on Case: Possible
Accessible Parts of the Spotting System: Sunshade, Zoom and Focusing Rings of Objective, Tripod Collar

Included in the box:

  • Swarovski 65mm Objective Module Stay-on Case compatible with STX/ATX Spotting Scopes

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Swarovski Stay-On-Case Objective Module for 65mm Spotting Scope