Sirui K-40II Ball Head with Aluminum Friction Control Knob, Load Capacity 77 lbs


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Sirui K-40II Ball Head is a system that can significantly improve the accuracy of results for any photographer and videographer because of its Sturdy Aluminum Construction, Greater Safety and Stability Of Mounted Gear & Built-In Bubble Level!

Sirui K-40II Ball Head is an indispensable unit for any photographer. This model is equipped with an Arca-type quick release plate. The new system can handle up to 77.2 lbs.

Our Take On Sirui K-40II Ball Head:

The ball head offers 360-degree panning for your panoramic shots. You can even get the perfect alignment because of the three spirit levels to ensure a straight horizon at each axis. The ball head comes with a 3/8 international style screw connector compatible with a wide range of equipment brands. This increases the likelihood of this ball head working with most of your preexisting equipment.

Its built-in bubble level reduces the chances of uneven panning and head movements. The control dial located inside the main knob enables the user to manage the ball tension. Further, the extraordinary ball design provides high frictional damping that results in easy and smooth operation.

The ball head comes with the main aluminum locking knobs to disengage and reposition the ball in a 90° rotated position. Further, the QR plate also has a newly designed safety lock that ensures that your mounted equipment is safe and secure. You can even adjust the safety stop nail and guard nail to prevent accidental falling of your mounted camera.


Head Type: Ball Head
Base Mount: 3/8"-16 Female
Quick Release Plate Type: Arca-Type
Load Capacity: 77.16 lb / 35 kg
Number of Bubble Levels: 3
Material: Aluminum
Vertical Tilt: 90°
Panning Range: 360°
Ball Sphere Diameter: 2.13" / 54 mm
Weight: 28.22 oz / 0.8 kg

Included in the box:

  • Sirui K-40II Ball Head
  • Quick Release Plate

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Sirui K-40II Ball Head with Aluminum Friction Control Knob, Load Capacity 77 lbs