RYZE G1CH Part 9 Charging Hub for Tello Flight Battery (Original Version)


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RYZE DJI Tello Battery Charging Hub 3 in 1 Parallel Charging Multi Battery Charger for DJI Tello, Fast Battery Rapid Charging Hub Charging Accessories for TELLO Drone Part 9 The Tello Battery Charging Hub is designed for use with Tello Flight Batteries. It can accommodate up to three Tello Flight Batteries at the same time. The Tello Battery Charging Hub charges batteries in sequence according to their voltage levels, from highest to lowest. The Battery Charging Hub does not include a charger. Please use it together with a standard charger. Charging time was tested in a laboratory environment using a CE certi ed USB adapter rated at 5 V and 2 A. This value should be taken for reference only. Package: 1* RYZE DJI Tello Battery Charging Hub. Charging Time* (Three batteries): Approx. 2 hours

  • Tello Part 9 Battery Charging Hub

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