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You will hardly be disappointed with a projector created by Panasonic designers. People who bought the PT-RZ370U have left a lot of positive reviews on the performance of the equipment. We're talking about teachers, managers and heads of different companies.

Many problems associated with the operation of projectors were taken into account when creating the Panasonic PT-RZ370U. From the moment people turn on this equipment, they will notice the difference. This applies to several aspects of work, including picture brightness, heating, and more. Experts consider the following to be the most important technical superiority:

  • 2x zoom lens
  • Full HD support with 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Using multiple pins for the video signal (VGA, WUXGA)
  • Contrast ratio for this model is 10,000:1

Panasonic's engineering department has gone to great lengths to create the highest performing equipment possible. This new projector benefits from quick turn-on and instant brightness increases. Due to the absence of lamps and air filters, the equipment can be used without maintenance for about 20,000 hours. Such metrics people don't always get when buying equipment from other brands. This projector model is indispensable for the following cases:

  • Demonstration of graphic materials at lectures
  • Office meeting
  • Presentation of financial reports, business plans and more
  • Small home theater equipment for children

Due to the fact that people don?t have problems with lamp and other elements burnout during use, the reliability of the equipment is further increased. This is one of the main reasons to buy a Panasonic PT-RZ370U today. There is no filter installed for this model, which needs to be changed. Thanks to carefully designed sealed optics, no replacement parts are required. Consequently, operating costs are greatly reduced by saving lamp costs. Laser cooling occurs through heat sinks and subsequent transfer through heat pipes. The manufacturer guarantees stable operation at ambient temperatures up to 45? C (113?F).

Since the PT-RZ370 does not use built-in lamps, this model has an efficient cooling block and uses a DLP chip. The decrease in brightness in a combined light source with an LED and a laser is negligible compared to lamp projectors. The manufacturer added a built-in sensor that detects the light conditions from the source and sets white balance. Such performance helps to maintain image quality for a long time. Single-chip DLP projectors use the color wheel method, in which the eye combines results to create a complete color palette. New PT-RZ370 created by the best Panasonic engineers does this by turning off/on the LED. Under such conditions, this equipment can operate several hours in a row.


Native Chip Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Max Brightness: 3500 Lumens
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Lens: f/2.0 - 3.4
Optical Zoom: 2x
Projection Size: 1016.00 - 7620.00 mm
Ceiling Mountable: Yes
Temperature: 0 to 45?C
Dimensions: 454.7 x 137.2 x 414.0 mm
Weight: 11.0 kg

Included in the box:

  • Panasonic PT-RZ370U Solid Shine DLP Projector
  • Power Cord
  • Wireless Remote Control Unit
  • Software CD-ROM

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Panasonic PT-RZ370U Solid Shine DLP Projector New