Motorola RLN6309 Multi-Unit Charger for RDX Series Radios


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Motorola RLN6309 Multi-Unit Charger is the perfect RDX series radio battery charger and cloning station because of its 6-Pocket Charging Facility, LED Indicators For Charging Status & Easy Profile Cloning Technology!

With the Motorola RLN6309 charger, you can charge 6 RDX radio batteries at once. In addition, you get the flexibility of charging the battery separately or with the radios.

Our Take on the Motorola RLN6309 Multi-Unit Charger:

The charger is lightweight and handy as it weighs only 2.665 pounds and is 17.75" wide and 3.63" long. This makes it a great addition to any small office space. Further, the LED light indicators prevent you from overcharging your devices as they turn green when the device is fully charged.

Motorola RLN6309 doubles as a cloning station apart from being a battery charger. Therefore, along with charging the batteries, you can also clone the radio profiles from the source radio to target radios. This is a great time-saving feature that allows you to quickly get all your radio devices on the same profile without having to configure the settings separately on each device.

For successful cloning, you need to have a minimum of two radios plugged in. Pockets 1 and 4 are meant for source radio and 2 and 5 for target radios. Once you have the corresponding radios in the right pockets, all you have to do is select the clone settings to initiate profile cloning.


Weight: 2.665 lb
Dimensions: 2.63 x 17.75 x 3.63"
Number of Pockets: 6
Indicators: LED
Power Requirements: 100 - 240 V (50/60 Hz)

Included in the box:

  • Motorola RLN6309 Multi-Unit Charger
  • US Power Supply

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Motorola RLN6309 Multi-Unit Charger for RDX Series Radios