Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Blue Holiday Bundle 2023


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Begin your photographic adventure and share your cherished moments with the INSTAX MINI 12 Instant Film Holiday Camera Bundle. This comprehensive package features a user-friendly lilac purple instant film camera, a 10-pack of instant film, an elegant photo album capable of storing 32 INSTAX MINI photos, and a magnetic Love photo holder. Additionally, you'll receive an INSTAX DIY Idea Booklet for creative inspiration and tips on maximizing your INSTAX camera's potential.

INSTAX MINI 12 Instant Film Camera

Devoted to capturing life's spontaneous joys, the INSTAX MINI 12 is designed for ease of use and rapid production of memorable credit-card-sized photographs. Simply twist the lens to prepare the camera for shooting. The close-up mode and mirror make it perfect for portraits and selfies, and the camera's automatic flash system illuminates your shots in low-light settings.

INSTAX MINI Instant Film

This bundle includes a 10-pack of INSTAX MINI instant color film, which delivers vibrant color reproduction with lifelike skin tones in both daylight (5500K) and electronic flash lighting conditions. Its refined grain structure ensures sharp, clear images, while the versatile ISO 800 film speed suits a wide range of subjects. Each film sheet produces a glossy 2.4 x 1.8" image with a clean white border. Instant development is achievable within a temperature range of 41-104°F.

Additional Accessories

Completing the bundle is a stylish photo album capable of accommodating 32 INSTAX MINI photos, a magnetic Love photo holder, and the invaluable INSTAX DIY Idea Booklet for your creative exploration.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Blue Holiday Bundle 2023