DJI Zenmuse H4-3D Gimbal for GoPro HERO4 Black


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Product Highlights
-Keeps Aerial Shots Level and Stabilized
-3-Axis Brushless Gimbal
-Tilt Range of -130° to +45°
-Independent IMU Provides Motion Data
-Plug-and-Play with Phantom 2
-Optional GCU for Other Aircraft
-Updatable Firmware
-Weighs 0.8 Ounces
-Power From Flight Battery
-Specifically Balanced for HERO4 Black

One of the biggest obstacles to capturing polished video from a multi-rotor RC aircraft is camera shake. Wind turbulence buffets the aircraft and even on a still day there is always rotor-incurred vibration to contend with. If you are recording with the GoPro HERO4 Black and using a multi-rotor with a DJI flight controller installed the Zenmuse H4-3D Gimbal is the solution. This 3-axis brushless motor gimbal corrects for pitch and roll and allows for tilting of -130° to +45°. It can power from the flight battery and for Phantom 2 installations uses the aircrafts integrated GCU. An optional GCU is available separately for other models. The H4-3D is compatible with the A2 WooKong-M Naza-M Naza-M V2 and Phantom 2 flight control systems.


The H4-3D arrives pre-calibrated for the GoPro HERO4 Black camera - once installed no additional configuration steps are required

Note: The H4-3D is specifically balanced for the GoPro HERO4 Black -- it will not work with the HERO3 HERO3+ or HERO4 Silver
Aircraft Compatibility
The H4-3D works out-of-the-box with the Phantom 2 as the Phantom 2 features a built-in gimbal control unit (GCU). In addition it can be used with many other aircraft when combined with an independent GCU module (available separately). The gimbal can be used with multi-rotors that have the following flight control systems:
  • A2
  • WooKong-M
  • NAZA-M
  • NAZA-M V2

Note: The NAZA-M LITE is not supported. Additionally the NAZA-M V2 PMU must be used if using a NAZA-M V1 flight controller
Independent IMU
The inertial measurement unit (IMU) is essential for the gimbal to be able to stabilize the camera. It senses motion using this data to instruct the servo motors which direction to move. For maximum precision this data gets updated every millisecond
Firmware Updatable
As software updates get released DJI will make them available to end users in the form of free firmware updates. Simply connect the H4-3D to a computer running the assistant software
Optional GCU Module
For use in aircraft that - unlike the Phantom 2 - do not have integrated GCUs an optional GCU (gimbal control unit) is available separately

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