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The all-new Apple EarPods are armed to induce satisfying feelings in your brain. Most of their hypnosis now falls right into your budget!

Apple EarPods with lightning connector contributes to all the states of human brain activities. They help you break the monotony of your boring indulgences and allow you to get a good hold of your mindful life. The design of these EarPods exercises maximum comfort and reliability. You can now flex the digital life revolving around you by making this one wise purchase. Probably, a hundred songs already roll up and down in your favorite playlist. But please take one more moment to identify the highest possibility of your audio streaming routines and imagine the level of experience you could gain through this pair of EarPods. Many shoppers have already expressed their positive notions on this product of innovation.

Our Take on Apple EarPods with Lightning connection:

Apple EarPods with lightning connector could tune your traveling dynamics into deep and rich bass. The balance they attain between pitch and loudness is highly phenomenal. Their sound drivers have been specially incorporated to proffer the best noise cancellation ever. Whether you are standing in a crowded place or reminiscing at an isolated location, these EarPods could gladly act as your best friends. They adjust well with your iPhone volume controls and equalizers. Their ability to adapt to the changes of rhythm and lyrics is indeed commendable.

Apple EarPods with lightning connector technically bonds to your device via a lightning connection. It means that these EarPods carry out sound transmission activities in the healthiest ways possible. The cable has been properly engineered to gel with a variety of music genres. Power moves back and forth continuously through the lightning connector that undoubtedly surpasses all levels of quality. Hip-hop, Pop, EDM, and Dubstep requirements have been categorically considered during the development of this essential accessory. They emit a range of frequencies that are needed to witness a full-blown musical explosion.

Apple EarPods with lightning connector shield you from the trauma of them being affected by sweat and water. They physically fit your ear chambers with as much ease as necessary. They are great promoters of mood stabilization and mental motivation. These EarPods are furnished with an in-line remote that assists you to control your calls and music playback. The remote further boosts your communication with Siri and empowers you to dictate volume levels. In the light of modern music, these EarPods have an impactful existence. The sensations generated through them cannot be seen through the eyes but can only be felt by the heart.


Design: Earbud (Intra-Concha)
Audio Connector to Source: Lightning connection
Full Remote OS Support: iOS
In-Line Remote Control for Audio/ Video Playback: Yes
In-Line Remote Control for Calls: Yes
In-Line Remote Control for Microphone: Yes
In-Line Remote Control for Siri Communication: Yes
Compatibility: iOS devices with an 8-pin lightning port
Compatible iPhone versions: iPhone 7 and above
Protection Against Sweat & Water: Yes

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  • Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector

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