Beyerdynamic Phonum Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone with Active Noise Cancelling Office Phone Bundle -Includes- Hard Case


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Beyerdynamic Phonum Bluetooth Speakerphone Overview

The Phonum speakerphone is the ideal solution for mobile conferences over the internet in the office or at home. The primary operation is via Bluetooth? with a PC, laptop or smartphone. In addition, Phonum has a USB port as a secondary interface, so that the device can be used even with poor radio communication. Phonum allows small conferences, including video or teleconferencing, with participants at remote locations. In the office or conference room on site, the maximum number of participants is 8 people. Phonum is powered by a Li-Ion battery, which is charged via the USB port. If necessary, the device can also be operated via USB, the battery is then charged parallel to the application.

Phonum is operated via capacitive touch sensors with which the user accepts or ends calls, increases or decreases the volume, selects the polar pattern and can mute or activate the microphone. Phonum has three microphone modes: omnidirectional, cardiod and beamforming. When the microphone is operating in the beamforming mode, the microphone automatically adjusts to the direction of the person speaking. The selected microphone mode is indicated by line-shaped lights.


Charging Time: Typically 3 Hours Via Power Supply
Speaker Runtime: Typically 12 Hours per Charge
Battery Technology: Li-Ion Integrated Charging
Maximum Speaker Output: 2.3 WRMS
Sound Pressure Level: 75 dB SPL at 1m/1 WRMS
Microphone Frequency Response: 150Hz to 6.8 kHz
Loudspeaker Frequency Response: 100Hz to 14 kHz
Audio Algorithm: Echo Cancellation & Noise Cancelling

Bluetooth Operating Range:

Up to 33FT.

What's in the Box:

1 x Beyerdynamic Phonum Bluetooth Speakerphone
1 x USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable
1 x Beyerdynamic Hard Carrying Case
1 x Dual Port USB Wall Charging Adapter

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