Motorola CLP1010e UHF 1 Channel 1 Watt Two-Way Radio 6-Pack

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SIMPLE AND SLEEK The lightweight, palm-sized radio design helps you discreetly and comfortably carry the CLP with you through extended shifts. The sleek design is combined with essential controls to provide you with everything you need to stay connected. OPERATE EFFORTLESSLY Simple-to-use radio operation helps users focus less on the radio and more on the customer. The smart status glow ring lets users quickly check essential radio information at a glance. The large centrally located push-to-talk (PTT) button, and voice annunciated menu options mean team members can operate the radio while staying focused on the customer. DAY-IN, DAY-OUT PERFORMANCE Designed to protect your investment, the CLP is IP54 rated to resist dust and water that could otherwise damage the radio. When paired with a durable earpiece, the CLP can stand up to your busiest days and heaviest uses. Working an extended shift? No problem; the long lasting battery helps you power through up to 18 hours of communication and collaboration. CLPe RADIO MODELS Single and 8 channel models available give you the flexibility to choose a radio model that suits your work group needs. Keep the team fully connected on 1 channel or choose a separate channel to keep your staff focused on their roles. PRIVACY CODES Choose between 219 codes to add a level of privacy to your business conversations from neighboring groups. VOICE GUIDED NAVIGATION Help your staff to easily learn the system with voice guided menus. The CLP allows you to use pre-defined voice prompts for your channels or add custom voice prompts to help your staff identify the channel they should be using. REPEATER CAPABLE Increase range with a Motorola Solutions repeater. Stay in touch with your team and in control of your business up to 250,000 sq/ft. SCAN Easily check radio activity for faster, more efficient communications across multiple channels

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Motorola CLP1010e UHF 1 Channel 1 Watt Two-Way Radio 6-Pack