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ViewSonic 22" LED Monitor (Model: VA2251MTAA)



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Product Features

  • Save cash and save the planet With its mercury-free backlight and low energy consumption, the Energy StarĀ® 5.0 certified VA2251m-LED is not only environmentally friendly but also friendly on your electricity bill as well. This can add up to thousands of dollars saved for large install bases, such as big corporate buildings or schools!
  • 10,000,000:1 mega dynamic contrast ratio One of the great features of VA2251m-LED is its ability to dim the backlight completely for pure darkness during dark scenes such as a night shot in a movie. Contrast ratios refer to the ratio of the brightest color to the darkest color. With traditional CCFL backlit displays, contrast ratios are limited to the fluorescent lamp's ability to dim in order to reproduce darkness. However, with the LED backlight, each LED has the ability to completely shut off allowing for a near infinite ratio of black to white contrast. The end result is true blacks that result in greater overall image quality.
  • Full HD 1080p resolution The VA2251m-LED features a 22" widescreen with 1920 x 1080 resolution is capable of displaying a native Full HD 1080p image. The devices that can display Full HD content output are getting more and more common. However, without a native Full HD display, you will not be able to experience the picture clarity and the details of the 1080p content you view.
  • Eco-mode for up to 50% energy savings ViewSonic's proprietary eco-mode function comes standard with the VA2251m-LED. When you don't need all of the powerful features the VA2251m-LED has to offer, you have the option to reduce the monitor's brightness, save energy, save the planet and prolong the lamp life. Especially under low ambient light conditions, adjusting the brightness will improve visibility by reducing eye fatigue. Reducing brightness will also prolong the monitor's lamp life, improving your return on investment.