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Tritton SwitchBlade Wireless Headset for PlayStatio 3 (Model: TRI907000001)



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Product Features

  • Bluetooth technology for PS3 Blending a sleek design with the Bluetooth technology, TRITTON's SwitchBlade Wireless Headset enables comfortable hands-free communication. Flip-out the fold-away boom microphone to power the headset on, and when finished talking just place it in the elegant docking base for quick charging and convenient storage. Capable of simultaneous pairing with your PS3 console and mobile phone, you can seamlessly switch between online game chat and an incoming phone call at the touch of a button.
  • Simultaneously pair with your PS3 and mobile phone Pair the SwitchBlade with your console and Bluetooth-enabled phone and never miss a call while gaming. When a call comes in during an online gaming session, the intuitively placed multifunction button provides a host of options. Accept the call and place the PS3 chat on hold end the PS3 chat or even reject the call and resume gaming - all without taking your eyes off of your television.
  • Noise-reducing dual microphone The SwitchBlade's boom microphone not only serves as a convenient power button, it also houses integrated technology which detects speech clearly. When talking in loud environments, advanced noise reduction stifles ambient sounds to help ensure only your voice comes through on the other end of the line.
  • Flip out and tune in A simple extension of the flip-out boom microphone powers the SwitchBlade on and prevents the hassle of trying to operate a tiny power button while wearing the headset. Once the headset is in your ear you'll always be ready to quickly jump into a conversation.
  • Seamlessly switch between online gaming and phone conversations Not confined to just one device or the other, dual pairing makes the SwitchBlade your go-to headset for both your phone and gaming console. Providing the ability to freely exchange words with offline friends and online foes, a quick button press easily transfers the lines of communication.
  • Easy-to-use integrated mute button The mute button's oversize dimensions make it easy to find during intense gaming moments. When privacy matters most, you have the ability to effortlessly turn the microphone off and on with just a simple button press.
  • Stylish docking base with power pass-through Avoid misplacing your SwitchBlade by utilizing its convenient docking base. A useful power pass-though port provides an alternative method for powering up the headset's built-in rechargeable battery - plug the included USB charge cable directly into the headset or into the docking base while the headset is safely nestled within.