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Samsung Black Galaxy Gear™ Smartwatch

(Model: SMV7000ZKAG)



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Product Features

The Next Big Thing Is Here™. Introducing a brand-new way to stay connected. Samsung Galaxy Gear™ keeps you updated with glance notifications, so you can keep up with calls, texts and emails.

  • Intelligent alerts - See key notifications from the wearable tech on your wrist, including calls, messages, calendar events and social networking updates
  • Smart Relay™ - Stay in the moment by keeping your phone out of sight, without missing important calls, texts, events, and more. When a notification requires a closer look, the second you pick up your Galaxy phone, the Smart Relay feature will automatically open up that app to the exact message you’re seeing on your wrist. It saves you the trouble of getting there yourself
  • Hands-free calling - Take that important call when your phone is out of reach. Mute calls (and music) simply by covering Galaxy Gear's screen with your hand
  • Shoot photos and videos - With a 1.9-megapixel auto-focus camera embedded in the Galaxy Gear strap, you won't miss a moment
  • S voice - Enjoy a personal assistant right on your wrist. Use simple voice commands to place calls, compose messages, activate key features like the alarm and camera, schedule an event, check the weather, and more! With access the Samsung’s robust S Voice right from Galaxy Gear, you’ll enjoy hands-free convenience
  • Find my Device - Never lose track of your phone again. Now, if your phone gets stuck in the couch cushions, you can use Galaxy Gear from the next room to remotely activate sounds or vibrations to make it easy to locate. You can also use your phone to help you find your Galaxy Gear — peace of mind goes both ways
  • Auto lock/Unlock - Keep your phone’s content secure. Auto Lock senses when you’ve walked more than five feet away from your Galaxy Note 3 and automatically secures your device. And when you return, Gear tells your phone that it’s you and automatically unlocks –– no PIN entering or thumbprints required
  • Personal touch - Use the Gear Manager app on your Galaxy Note 3 to totally customize your experience. Change your camera settings, customize and add new watch faces, enable or disable features, organize your apps and more
  • Control your music - Skip tracks, listen to a new playlist and change the volume from your wrist
  • Record quick voice notes -Something on your mind that you don't want to forget? Make a voice memo to stay on top of your to-dos
  • Track your steps - A built-in pedometer helps you monitor your day's activity
  • Atooma is a contextually aware horizontal intelligence platform that makes your Galaxy Gear smarter
  • Banjo gives you the power to see what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world
  • Evernote watch app makes it easy to remember things by quickly capturing images and memories and bringing important reminders right to Galaxy Gear
  • Glympse allows people to easily share their location temporarily and in real-time, letting recipients see their movements on a dynamic map
  • eBay app allows you to complete all your transactions on eBay with ease and in real-time
  • Line is a global messaging service available in over 230 countries worldwide
  • MyFitnessPal tracks your nutrition and exercise, empowering you to achieve your personal health and fitness goals
  • Path is the personal network designed to bring you closer to your friends and family
  • Pocket, the leading way to save web content to view later on any device, brings text-to-speech article playback to Galaxy Gear
  • RunKeeper is the personal trainer in your pocket, helping you track your runs, set your goals, and stay motivated
  • TripIt from Concur makes it easy to organize travel plans in one place
  • Vivino Wine Scanner allows you to take a photo of view any wine and get to know all about it instantly