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Samsung 14.2 Megapixel Smart Camera with 18x Long Zoom and Built-in Wi-Fi (Model: WB250FBPWUS)



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Product Features

Share your best photos instantly with family and friends with Built-in Wi-Fi. Also, save pictures to your smartphone. Full manual mode provides you with full creative control. Plus you can capture full HD video.

  • 14.2 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor - Take properly exposed images in low-light situations with the 14-megapixel BSI (Back Side Illuminated) CMOS sensor, which needs less light than conventional sensors — and uses Low Light Shot to automatically select the best setting and merge three continuous shots into one, clear photo
  • 18x optical zoom lets you quickly take stunning close-ups from far away, so you can get sharply rendered images of moving glockenspiel figurines atop a clock tower or of the colorful details of exotic birds in the wildlife park
  • Share photos instantly - Using the camera’s DIRECT LINK hot key quickly enables built-in wireless functionality—letting you upload high quality photos to social networking sites and seamlessly sync your camera to other SMART devices (TV, phone, and tablet). Plus you can easily transfer all of your memories to your computer, smartphone, or Microsoft SkyDrive with the touch of a button
  • Cloud ensures you'll never run out of room in your memory card or lose valuable pictures, even on the go. Wirelessly save images to a cloud service such as Microsoft SkyDrive or a regoinal cloud provider, then view them anytime on your smartphone, tablet or download them to your PC later.
  • AutoShare - Simultaneously send every picture you take to your mobile phone via Wi-Fi connection-to make backing up and sharing your high-quality photos super easy. Set up AutoShare once and the camera saves it as the default setting. AutoShare also GPS tags your photos with your Smart Phone
  • MobileLink - Now you can select and send an image or album directly to an Android smartphone, iPhone or tablet with the Samsung MobileLink. You don't even have to send the image as a text message or as an email. With MobileLink, you can control the album on your phone and the changes will be saved to your camera, too
  • Remote viewfinder - Control your camera by using your smartphone as the viewfinder. Remote Viewfinder lets you preview images, adjust the camera settings, zoom in and out and frame each scene-all from your phone, wirelessly. This feature is available for select smartphones
  • AllShare Play lets you connect to all devices that support AllSharePlay. You can wirelessly stream photos and videos from your camera to nearby devices to share with friends and family at once, or simply upload to Web Storage instantly for easy management
  • Connecting your camera faster - Download the Samsung SMART CAMERA App. which features-Remote Viewfinder, AutoShare, and MobileLink-without having to download each app individually. Rather than launching the apps one at a time on your smartphone, you can open all three apps at once, with the touch of a finger
  • Auto Backup - Wirelessly transfer photos and movies to your PC or Mac. Simply choose AutoBackup and you're all set. All your photos and videos are transferred wirelessly and safely stored on to your computer. Feel free to delete photos from your camera knowing there's a duplicate set on your computer
  • 24mm wide angle lens to capture a quaint row of Tudor houses or a gushing, mile-wide waterfall-it can handle any sweeping panoramas, even those wider than can be seen with the unaided eye
  • Smart mode - Stop being jealous of the pros with their big cameras, and start taking great shots. A quick tap of Smart Mode and you're set with various special modes. Capture perfect trails of light at night on a busy intersection full of red taillights or instantly capture a high-speed scene with Sports Capture. Let Rich Tone create extraordinarily surrealistic photos with colors that pop and express your artistic side
  • 3" (75mm) hVGA Hybrid touch user interface - Offers two options: use the 5-way button to quickly move the cursor up, down, left and right to intuitively navigate the menu and make selectikons on the 3.0" (75mm) hVGA screen. Alternately, when you want to enter text-such as an email address, for when you're sharing photos-simply input the characters on the touch screen, much like you would on a smartphone
  • Full manual mode (A/S/M) allows you full creative control. Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority settings let you experiment with shutter speeds and depth of field-for example, when you're shooting fast-moving images in low light. With Samsung cameras, you capture exactly the photos you want
  • Best Face - Use it to open eyes, replace a smile, or find that perfect expression. With the combinatoin lightning fast burst shots and facial recognition, you can simply tap a face that's looking the other way, and tap again to replace it with expressions taken moments before the actual shot. It really is magic
  • Full HD recording - Capture 1920x1080 Full HD video with life-like color and extraordinarily sharp details. Shoot longer too-the camera's H.264 format allows longer recording than a camera with MJPEG video does. When you're done, you can watch your brilliant HD footage large as life on your HDTV
  • Motion photo freezes the action around a moving subject to create a fun scene. Capture a friend dancng-then make everyone around him still as a statue. Simply shoot the footage, and then rub the area on the display where you want to keep the movement. The photo around it will freeze - it's that easy