What is a 4K TV?

what is a 4k tv

You’ve heard the buzz about 4K (UHD TV, ultra-high definition, call it what you will!). You know the picture quality is better than HDTV but you’re not really sure what that means.

The short answer:

  • A 4K display has four times as many pixels as HDTV
  • That’s 4,096 X 2,160 pixels or 3,840 X 2,160 pixels for the altered size to fit picture format
  • More pixels means better picture quality
  • Viewers can sit just about anywhere in the room (near, far, wherever you are) without losing resolution

But, how does 4K TV work?

Here’s a more detailed answer:

Your TV is made up of super tiny dots called pixels. These pixels line up like a grid on your TV, that line up to create the image on your TV screen. More pixels means better picture. Current HD resolution is made up of 1,080 rows of pixels by 1,920 columns of pixels, which is around 2.3 million pixels. But 4K resolution has close to 4,000 rows by 2,160 columns which produces around 8.3 million pixels. That’s nearly four times more pixels than current HDTV!

What does it all mean? Four times the pixels means you’ll get sharper, richer images and crystal clear viewing from almost any angle. You’ll even be able to sit closer to the screen without losing any resolution. Most importantly, this leads to a more immersive viewing experience. And that’s why 4K is the TV of tomorrow, today.

Watch the video here!

4K TV Resources

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