Get the Most out of Your Second Freezer or Extra Fridge

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Tips on maximizing your extra refrigerator to make it worth your while

Whether you have a big family or you prefer to buy your groceries in bulk, sometimes one refrigerator and one freezer just won’t cut it. Many households opt to buy a second fridge and/or freezer to make it easier to store their food and drinks (read our related blog post: Why buy a second fridge or freezer?). Once you invest in that second fridge or freezer, you want to make sure you actually use it. Follow the tips below to find out how to use the extra fridge and freezer space to your advantage.

Be prepared for company

A second fridge/freezer combo allows you to be the ultimate host or hostess. Many adults love the idea of having a “beer fridge” in the garage or basement, both for guests and their own enjoyment. But your second fridge can hold so much more! Line your fridge shelf space with sports drinks, soft drinks, bottled water, juice packs and white wine. Use the freezer space for ice cream, popsicles, frozen pizzas, bite-size oven-baked snacks and more. Then, you’ll be ready for anything, from game night with your neighbors to packs of hungry teens hanging out after school. Plus, if your guests are spending the night, you’ll already have an ample supply of frozen bacon and toaster waffles for the morning – no emergency trip to the grocery store necessary!

Make every meal less hectic

Which meal is the hardest for your family: breakfast, lunch or dinner? Let’s start at the beginning of the day. First, the morning rush hits. Between showers and finding missing shoes and book bags, it’s a wonder anyone makes it to the bus stop or the office on time, let alone with a full belly. Having an extra freezer or fridge can be a huge help. From freezing grab-and-go breakfast items (muffins, bars) to keeping a big supply of yogurt and fruit on the fridge shelves, everyone in the house can have a good breakfast without spending a lot of time preparing it the morning of. Smoothies are another easy and healthy breakfast option that can also be made in advance and stored in the extra fridge or freezer.

For lunches, your second fridge gives you a place to store pre-packed items. Use the weekends to prep each day’s lunch for each household member (try salads with dressing packed in a separate container, pasta, wraps, or grilled chicken with vegetables).

Getting a warm dinner on the table at night can also be a challenge between everyone’s activities and work schedules. Freezer meals are becoming more popular as an easy solution. Prep a week (or even a month) worth of food in advance, store it in the freezer, and take it out as needed to cook in the oven or slow cooker.

Make and store baby food

Another great use for your extra freezer is storing homemade baby food. Storing it in your garage or basement freezer gives you plenty of room in your primary freezer for your regular household groceries. With a variety of recipes and flavors, if you choose to make your own baby food, you can save time by making it in bulk. After making your puree of choice, pour the mixture into ice cube trays, freeze, then store the frozen cubes in a freezer-safe bag. Tip: write the date you made the food as well as the type of food (example: peas and carrots, August 1) on the bag with a marker or pen. Be sure to adhere to all safety guidelines around storing and using baby food!

Upgrade your second fridge or freezer at hhgregg

There’s no doubt an extra fridge and/or freezer has a lot of benefits. But since an extra garage or basement fridge can impact your electricity bill, it’s also important to consider the additional cost that comes with running a spare fridge. hhgregg can help – we offer a wide range of energy-efficient refrigerators and freezers, from simple units to top-of-the-line products with the latest bells and whistles.

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