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It’s amazing to look back at TVs over the past few decades to see how much they’ve evolved. Now what television trends can consumers expect to see in 2016? hhgregg buyer Keith Magby discusses some of the latest trends in TV technology.

We’ve heard all about 4K and OLED – are there any updates for these technologies? What about Plasma, LED, LCD, Smart – are they still relevant?

Some new trends you’ll see this year include: Wide Color Gamut (SUHD, Super UHD), High Dynamic Range (HDR), Micro Dimming. Plasma is no longer being manufactured. LED is a form of LCD but all LCD televisions being produced will be LED.

Have there been any recent trends in TV sizes?

The 39” and smaller screen sizes will continue to decline. The larger screen sizes, 50” and up, will continue to grow in the next few years. With the improved picture quality of UHD, customers are finding they can sit closer to a larger screen, giving them a more immersive experience.

What about streaming content and how it’s being integrated within TVs?

UHD 4K streaming is now a reality and offers a broader selection of content, with more people cutting the cable cord and using over the air (OTA) high definition content via antenna and streaming apps. Streaming apps via an internet modem will continue to grow in popularity.

In 2016, we’ll see smarter, clearer, sharper, thinner, more colorful and a brighter viewing experience.

Which TV trends should consumers jump on board with this year? With technology continuing to improve, should consumers wait to purchase a new TV?

Only two features are critical for a smart investment in a 2016 television purchase: Buy a (1) Smart (2) UHD 4K TV. This will future-proof your investment. A television with these features will be available in an affordable price range for the vast majority of American consumers in 2016. No need to wait! If you wait for what may come in the future you will wait forever.

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