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buying 4k tv

4K TV Setup Guide

Get ready for your new 4K TV upgrade with hhgregg’s guide on what you need for your 4K TV setup.

friends watching OLED tv

What is OLED TV?

Find out how an OLED TV works to create a crisp display. hhgregg compares the evolving OLED technology with 4K and LED.

smart home family room with tv

What is a Smart Home?

Learn about smart home technology and discover five reasons why you should use smart devices in your home.

what is a 4k tv

What is a 4K TV?

Find out how 4K TV works and why the resolution is so much better than HDTV.

watching tv in home theater

LED vs. LCD vs. Plasma TV Comparison

What is the difference between OLED, LED, LCD, and plasma TVs? Find out in hhgregg’s TV comparison guide.

girl in movie theater with 3d glasses

How Does 3D Technology Work?

Find out how 3D movies work to create a 3D image on a 2D screen. hhgregg explores the interworking of 3D technology.

curved tv

Curved 4K TV Benefits

Why should you buy a curved 4k tv? There are plenty of reasons! Find them in hhgregg's 4K curved tv guide.

friends watching sports on tv

TV Size Buying Guide

To find the what size tv you should buy for your home, check out hhgregg's tv size buying guide.

hhgregg 2016 tv trends

2016 TV Trends

Learn about the recent trends in TV for 2016. Stay ahead of these and other latest trends when you shop at hhgregg.

what is apple tv

What is Apple TV?

Find out what Apple TV is and where you can buy it.

tv history

History of the TV

Learn more about the history of television, including who invented it and when. hhgregg explores TV history.

comparing streaming devices

Streaming Devices Compared

How does the Roku measure up vs Amazon Fire? What about Google Chromecast vs Apple TV? Learn the differences with hhgregg’s streaming device comparison.

TV Product Finder

tv product finder.

TV Finder

Discover the best TV for your home using our TV finder tool. hhgregg’s TV finder takes into account your desired room setting and sitting distance from the set.

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