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Some believe that the speakers built into their TV, MP3 player, computer or tablet are a fine solution to their home's audio system. Some need a bigger, beefier type of speaker. When it comes to home audio, there's definitely no one-size-fits-all solution. Follow hhgregg's speaker buying guide below so you can create the perfect home audio setup for your lifestyle.

Choosing the Right Speaker Types for You and Your Home

There are a variety of speakers currently on the market, from large, surround speakers that make a statement to small, hidden speakers that give great audio without being seen. Consider the following types of speakers when choosing your next audio system:

Home Theater Systems

home theater system

If you're a movie buff, you may want to consider a home theater system. Most home theater systems come with two front speakers, two rear or "surround" speakers, a center "home" speaker and more often than not, a subwoofer. This speaker type gives you the ultimate listening experience and can make you feel like you're not only at the movies, but sometimes in the movie.

Depending on space, you can customize a home speaker system with anything from small, hidden speakers to speaker models that are as big as a piece of furniture. BEWARE: Going to the movie theater may now seem quaint when compared to the home theater system you have in your living room.



If you watch mostly TV and not many movies, a soundbar might be your best bet - and it's one of the simplest, space-saving solutions. Soundbars are perfect for those looking to enhance the sound of their TVs without adding too many extra pieces - just add a long speaker that is typically placed below or above your TV, and you instantly have a higher-quality listening experience.

Soundbars and Wireless Subwoofers

soundbar and subwoofer

If you still want the movie experience but are tight on space, consider adding a wireless subwoofer to your soundbar setup to give you the bass needed to really feel the sound. While the sound is not as immersive as a full surround sound system, soundbars with a wireless subwoofer do provide the bass some people long for during movies.

Stereo Music Systems

stereo music system

If you're an active music listener, a stereo music system is a must-have when it comes to your listening experience. This type of speaker system stays put on a bookshelf or another piece of furniture and can rival some concert experiences.

Like home theater systems, stereo music systems feature multiple speakers to give you a "surround"-effect, but they can connect to multiple devices, including a CD player, MP3 player, streaming devices and home computers. Stereo music systems are great for locations away from the main entertainment center, such as a home office or bedroom.

Wireless and Portable Speakers

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If you like to move from room to room or are interested in listening to your music outside, you may consider wireless or portable speakers. Wireless speakers offer great sound quality without the hassle of cords and installation. Most wireless speakers connect to devices via Bluetooth, so you can enjoy music from your phone, tablet, computer, etc. without having to install a thing. Don't let size fool you - some may be small, but they still pack quite a (loud) punch.

Tips on How to Buy Speakers

If your next question is how to buy speakers for your home, the best way is to go into a store and test different types and models. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Read reviews from sources you trust - especially when buying online. hhgregg features reviews by real customers on each product page. Also, buy speakers from a retailer that has a good return policy (view hhgregg's convenient return policy) to ensure you're able to swap them out for a different set if you're not satisfied with your purchase.
  • Listen to the speaker's sound rather than relying on the manufacturer's specifications. Because there is not a standard way to test speakers, comparing specifications from different manufacturers may not give the honest truth. Instead, visit a store, test the products and rely on your ears to tell you which is best.
  • Test different types of music and sounds to get a feel for the sound balance. According to TechHive, "a quality system provides good balance between the treble (upper), midrange, and bass (lower) frequencies, producing full, rich sound while preserving detail."

To find the type of speaker that's right for you and your home, visit an hhgregg store to talk to a sales associate. Not only are they home audio experts, but they can also help you customize a system that fits your needs, home, and budget.


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