What Is OLED TV?

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Learn how OLED technology works to create stunning picture quality

TV technology is ever-evolving, and OLED (organic light-emitting diode) is a newer trend that is gaining steam. While LED TVs have dominated the market, 4K and OLED are entering the scene and providing even better picture quality. A 4K Ultra High Definition TV display has over 8 million individual pixels, and boasts a picture quality four times the resolution of 1080p. This yields exceptional color and stunning detail now available in televisions, DSLR Cameras, A/V receivers, media players, Blu-ray players and projectors.

However, many consider OLED a step ahead of 4K technology. Simply put, it is made up of organic pixels that light up when fed electricity, eliminating the need for lamps to produce light.

What sets OLED apart from other TV displays?

You’ll be amazed the first time you set your eyes on an OLED TV. What is it about an OLED display that makes it such a great picture? It’s lighter, thinner and more energy efficient than any other TV on the market, and these TVs have many other advantages over LED, LCD and plasma TVs. While LED TVs get dimmer as you move away from the center of the TV, OLED TVs offer wider and more consistent color, regardless of where you are seated in the room. So you see the deepest blacks, the whitest whites, true color and high contrast.

OLED also offers the fastest response time of any TV technology in use today, offering virtually blur-free motion clarity and ultimate picture quality. And, OLED is available in 4K TVs. The combination of the OLED display and the increased pixels of a 4K TV make the OLED 4K TVs some of the best televisions in the market today.

OLED’s flat-panel, curved design makes it innovative and intriguing. To see the latest in TV technology and to shop for an OLED TV from your favorite brands, stop by your local hhgregg store or visit us online at hhgregg.com

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