Five Tips For Moving On A Budget

how to move on a budget

Are you heading to a new home? Before packing your first box, it’s important to take moving costs into account. Fortunately, there are many ways to cut back on your moving expenses, whether you’re headed across town or across the country. Check out our tips for moving on a budget so you can save some cash before, during and after your relocation.

1. Find the right balance between moving costs and convenience

Depending on your situation, time frame and distance, you may need to add a moving company to your list of expenses. Make sure to read reviews and get quotes from a variety of moving companies before you hire one, and consider asking for a discount. If you move in the “off-season” (typically fall or winter), you may be able to save some money on moving costs. Another way to save is to split between DIY methods and professionals by moving smaller items yourself and leaving furniture, appliances and large electronics for professionals. Should you decide to do all of the moving yourself, consider renting a portable storage unit and packing it over the course of several days. You’ll save on truck rental and enjoy a more relaxed moving schedule.

2. Get free packaging and shed some weight to cut down on moving expenses

Before spending money on boxes, reach out to local businesses, friends and family or your workplace to see if you can score some packaging for free. Moving is also a great time to get rid of items you don’t need. Some moving companies base their costs on weight estimates, so consider selling, donating or recycling old furniture, electronics, appliances or even clothes. If you’re brave, you could even consider selling everything and starting over from scratch!

3. Don’t add extra utility expenses to your moving costs

Why pay for something you’re not using? Before you move, ask your utility companies if they will prorate your bills for early shut-off. If not, it may be beneficial to cancel non-essential utilities like cable or Internet a bit earlier than normal to avoid receiving a full bill for an additional month.

4. Cut back on moving expenses with coupons, rebates and deductions

Whether it’s for moving companies, utilities, appliances, furniture or even restaurants in your new neighborhood, take the time to look for coupons, rebates and discounts. You can even receive coupons by filling out a change of address form online or in person at your local post office branch. Depending on the reason for your move, you can save even more in April by deducting moving expenses on your tax return. (Speak with a tax professional before filing to learn if you are eligible for moving cost-based deductions.)

5. Consider financing new appliances and furniture

If your new home is larger or smaller than your current one, you may need to purchase new appliances and furniture to fit. Many stores offer financing options that allow you to purchase the items you need and repay them over time. At hhgregg, we offer a credit card that comes with low monthly payments and exclusive in-store and online deals. It’s a great way to find deals on refrigerators, television sets, home furniture and more. To get started, apply online or visit your nearest hhgregg store.

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