Cleaning a Ceramic Stove Top

how to clean a ceramic stove top

Ceramic cooktops are popular with consumers because they’re easy to clean, offer a sleek look and provide a reliable cooking method. The design has no coils, burners or wells for food to fall into, so cleanup involves wiping a smooth surface. With a gas stove, you may have used an abrasive cleaner and steel wool pad. You won’t need anything as harsh to clean a ceramic stove top. Follow our instructions below!

Routine ceramic stove top cleaning

For everyday spills, and as part of your regular kitchen wipe-down, you have a few options.

  • Run a damp dishcloth over the surface and buff it dry with a microfiber cloth
  • Spritz the stove top with vinegar, or a 50-50 mixture of dish soap and water, from a spray bottle and rub dry with the microfiber cloth or a paper towel
  • Squeeze a few drops of cleaning cream on the ceramic stovetop and wipe the entire surface with the cleaning pad. The cream may leave a hazy sheen behind. Buff this off with a paper towel.

Stubborn stains

You may need a different approach if a major cooking production leaves the cooktop looking like a battlefield. Follow these steps to clean your ceramic stove top:

  1. Apply a cleaning cream directly to heavily soiled areas
  2. Rub the grime with a cleaning pad, pressing as hard as needed, and rinse it clean
  3. If the area remains dirty, user a razor blade scraper to scrape off the spill
  4. Apply a few drops of cleaning cream to the ceramic stove top, and buff the area with the pad

Soups, sugars and plastics

If you spill foods with high sugar content on the stove top or burn a plastic measuring cup or spoon, take the follow actions:

  1. Immediately turn off the burner
  2. You can remove sugars or plastics after the stove achieves a warm, but not hot, state (wait until it’s fully cool to clean up boiled-over soups)
  3. Work with the scraper or a metal spatula and an oven mitt to remove the residue
  4. Once the stove top cools fully, continue to work on the area with cleaning cream and a cleaning pad

How to clean a ceramic stove top with baking soda

Another popular method for cleaning ceramic stove tops involves baking soda. When taking this approach:

  1. Sprinkle baking soda on your stove top
  2. Lightly wet a sponge or scrubber
  3. Scrub the baking soda over the stains
  4. Once stains are scrubbed away, wipe stove top clean with paper towel
  5. Finish with glass cleaner to give your stove top extra shine

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