How Does Bluetooth Work?

how does bluetooth work

If you’ve ever streamed music from your phone to a wireless speaker or talked on a hands-free device, you’re familiar with Bluetooth. But what is Bluetooth? Read on for an overview of how Bluetooth works:

  • Bluetooth can connect two devices together, such as smartphones and portable speakers, typically over a short distance of no more than 30 feet
  • In order to work, each device must be equipped with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Each device will have an antenna to receive signals and software to read the signals
  • A device must be in “discoverable” mode, which is typically found in the Settings of a device's control panel, in order to be visible and picked up by another device
  • The discoverable device sends out a signal to let nearby devices (again, such as your phone) know they can connect to it
  • The second device must connect to the first device, and can then be controlled by the first device
  • Reminder: The range is limited, meaning you won’t have to worry about your neighbors streaming music into your living room

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth connects two devices – such as a Smartphone and portable speakers – over a short distance of typically less than 30 feet. Bluetooth is the connection technology that allows the two devices to discover each other and send signals to each other using an antenna to receive signals and software to read and understand these signals.

What is Bluetooth used for?

Bluetooth is used so frequently, you may not even be aware you are using it. It’s built into nearly every smartphone, laptop, computer and tablet to connect speakers, keyboards, fitness trackers and more.

The basic tasks Bluetooth may be used for include transferring files, photos or contact details between two phones, sending music from your smartphone to a pair of portable speakers (you can then adjust the volume, pause or skip the music via your smartphone), and even pairing some gaming system consoles, such as PlayStation 4, to wireless keyboards and mice.

Does Bluetooth use data?

Using Bluetooth in itself does not use data. However, if you are not connected to Wi-Fi and also accessing a specific app – such as a music streaming service like Spotify – through a Bluetooth device such as a portable speaker, you'll be using data to access the app.

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Now that you understand how Bluetooth works, tap into your newfound knowledge with streaming devices, wireless speakers and more. Don’t forget to shop for a Smart TV to take full advantage of Bluetooth capabilities on your home television!

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