HDR vs 4K vs HDTV vs SDTV

hdr vs 4k tv.

There are many TV resolutions available on the market today – and the technology continues to evolve. In a short period of time, we’ve gone from standard definition TV to high definition TV to 4K Ultra High Definition TV to HDR TV. What are the differences between them? We’ve called out the differences below in our comparison chart:

What does it look like? HDR TV. 4K UHD TV. HDTV. SDTV.
What does it stand for? High Dynamic Range 4K Ultra-high definition High-definition TV Standard Definition TV
How does it work? HDR requires a specific type of TV and video format to work. It increases the overall dynamic range between black and white - meaning you can see more colors and a resulting image that is closer to what the human eye actually sees. Your TV is made up of super tiny dots called pixels. These pixels line up like a grid on your TV, that line up to create the image on your TV screen. 4K resolution has close to 4,000 rows by 2,160 columns which produces around 8.3 million pixels. That’s nearly four times more pixels than HDTV! High-definition digital signals are broadcasted over the air with antennas and received by an HD tuner built into your TV. The signal patters result in higher quality images that are less fuzzy and clearer, especially on bigger TV screens. Standard definition TV is a digital display format with lower resolution and no defined aspect ratio. It is essentially the same as analog TV, but able to transmit further without signal loss because of the digital format.
When did it become popular? 2016 2013 1998 pre-1990s
(measures luminance)
More than 1,000 Up to 750 300 to 400 100 to 400
Resolution Minimum resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 4096 x 2160 1920 x 1080 720 x 576
Claim to Fame Brightness. As in you may need sunglasses if you are watching a clip that shows the sun setting. Also a wider color range that creates more realistic images. Resolution. Four times the pixels means you’ll get sharper, richer images and crystal clear viewing from almost any angle. You’ll even be able to sit closer to the screen without losing any resolution. Picture quality. With more pixels per field, HDTV delivers a more clear picture with sharper colors. Now? Nothing. In comparison to modern TV technology, images would look bland and imprecise.
Price $$$$$ $$$$ $$$ $

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