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dining table size guide.

Dining Room Table Size Guide

Pick the perfect dining room table for your home with this helpful guide from hhgregg! Learn about standard table dimensions, types of dining room chairs and more

different types of pillows.

Best Pillows for Side, Stomach & Back Sleepers

Find the best pillow for your sleeping needs with recommendations from hhgregg! Learn more about the best pillows for neck pain, back pain, pregnancy and more.

arranging living room furniture

How to Arrange Living Room Furniture

Redesign your home (for free!) by learning how to arrange living room furniture with hhgregg. We share tips on arranging living room furniture for a new look.

window air conditioner.

Types of Air Conditioners

Stay cool in your home by learning about different types of air conditioners with hhgregg. We explain different types of AC so you can choose the best unit for your home.

mattress buying guide from serta.

How to Buy a Mattress

Before buying a mattress, consult the Serta and hhgregg buying guide. From different mattress types to the foundation, follow our buying tips to help you choose a mattress.

ergonomics furniture for office jobs.

Ergonomic Office

Learn how to work comfortably with these ergonomic office tips from hhgregg. From ergonomic office furniture to proper body support, ensure you are following these best practices.

maximizing dorm room space

How to Maximize Dorm Room Space

Make the most of your dorm room space with these space saving tips from hhgregg. Being creative with storage solutions will provide you with extra room.

washing blankets instructions.

How to Clean & Store Blankets

Learn how to wash and store your favorite blankets and throws with this how-to guide from hhgregg. Read our tips and tricks for cleaning and storing different types of blankets.

bed with comforter.

Duvet, Comforter & Quilt Buying Guide

Thinking of buying a duvet or comforter? This duvet buying guide from hhgregg will give you everything you need to know and more!

woman sitting in air conditioned room.

Air Conditioning Tips [Infographic]

Beat the summer heat with these AC tips from hhgregg. Plus, learn more about air conditioning by reading these facts that dispel AC myths.

family eating outside with grill and pool

Top Rated Grills

Learn more about top rated grills from hhgregg. Whether you prefer gas or charcoal, or prefer a specific price point, find out what got the best reviews.

patio lounge furniture buying guide.

Patio Furniture Buying Guide

Consult our guide to help make decisions about buying patio furniture – from dining sets and loungers to accent pieces and décor.

living room setup

Living Room Setups

hhgregg has the best ideas for how to set up your living room space. Be inspired by these different living room setups.

how to make a home gym

Creating a Home Gym

Achieve your fitness goals from the comforts of your own home gym. Follow our tips for creating a home gym you love.

smart home family room with tv

What is a Smart Home?

Learn about smart home technology and discover five reasons why you should use smart devices in your home.

how to move on a budget

5 Ways to Save on Moving Costs

Heading to a new home? Learn how to cut back on moving expenses and finance your new appliances with hhgregg.

woman laying on bed

What are Standard Mattress Sizes?

Use our mattress size guide to find out the dimensions of a twin, full, queen and king size bed.

backyard patio ideas

Backyard Ideas on a Budget

Putting together the perfect patio doesn’t need to be expensive. Check out some low cost backyard and patio ideas from hhgregg.

buying bedroom sheets.

How to Buy Sheets

Wondering how to pick sheets for your bed? Take a look at hhgregg’s sheet buying guide for everything you’ll need to know!

boxspring options.

Buying a Boxspring

Learn how to choose a box spring for your mattress with this buying guide from hhgregg! We share helpful information about box spring dimensions and sizes.

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