Front Load vs Top Load Washers

front load vs top load washers comparison

If you’re in the market for a new washer, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you want to buy a front load or a top loading washing machines. Which is better? Let’s take a deeper dive.

Front load washers benefits and drawbacks

three front load washing machines.



  • Effectiveness:Cleans better (5% more effective on removing stains compared to top loaders, according to a study done by USA Today)
  • Sensitivity:Gentler on clothes
  • Capacity:Large capacity means you can wash more clothes in one cycle
  • Energy Efficiency:Uses less water and is more energy efficient (USA Today found that front loaders use five fewer gallons of water per cycle and can cut electricity use by as much as 50%)
  • Time:High spin speed does a better job removing water, which means less drying time (leaves clothes 10% dryer according to USA Today)
  • Stackable with a dryer for tighter spaces
  • Price: Front loaders tend to cost more than top loaders
  • Time: Cycles may be up to 30 minutes longer (depending on your setting) than a top loader
  • Vibration: Some consumers have complained that front loaders vibrate too much on the spin cycle, though this is often cut down if placed on a washer pedestal or reinforced floor
  • Odors: Some consumers have complained of a musty smell resulting from water being trapped in certain parts of the machine

Top load washers benefits and drawbacks

three front load washing machines.



  • Price:Generally cheaper than front loading washing machines (by about $200, says USA Today)
  • Configuration: Ergonomically better for your back with less bending
  • Convenience: You may (depending on your model) be able to add more laundry to the cycle after it’s started, which you’re unable to do with front loaders
  • Time: Shorter wash cycles
  • Vibration: Less vibration and movement during the spin cycle
  • Simplicity: Control panel may be simpler to use and understand
  • Effectiveness: May not get clothes as clean or as dry as a front loader
  • Capacity: Smaller loads than the front loaders, unable to fit queen or king sized comforters and other large items
  • Configuration: Not stackable
  • Energy efficiency: Uses more water and electricity than front loaders, though top loading high-efficiency models are available

What's better: top load or front load?

Who wins the top load vs front load debate? It really just depends on your needs. There are advantages to both top loading and , so you’ll need to consider what is most important to you.

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