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playing video games

History of Video Games [Infographic]

Are you interested in video game history? Learn more about the evolution of video games with this timeline.

fitness tracker comparison article.

Fitness Tracker Comparison

Get an overview of the different fitness bands with our activity tracker comparison. See how Fitbit vs Garmin vs Vivofit and more stack up.

friends listening to bluetooth speaker

Benefits of Bluetooth Speakers

Do you ever wonder, “exactly what is a Bluetooth speaker system?” Question no more! hhgregg’s guide is here to let you know how to use wireless speakers.

teen wearing bose noise cancelling headphones.

How Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Work?

Learn how noise cancelling headphones work with this guide from hhgregg and Bose. Understand the basics of noise cancellation technology.

woman wearing virtual reality headset

2016 Electronics Trends

Learn about the new technologies in electronics this year. Stay ahead of the latest trends when you shop at hhgregg.

DSLR vs point and shoot cameras.

DSLR vs. Point-and-Shoot Cameras

Looking to buy a new camera and debating between a DSLR camera or a point and shoot? hhgregg explores the pros and cons of each.

friends in living room with speaker

Speaker Buying Guide

Compare different types of speakers in hhgregg's speaker buying guide. With soundbars, wireless and home theater systems, there are many to choose from.

child playing on tablet

Why Buy a Tablet?

From replacing your computer to entertaining your kids, discover the many reasons why you should buy a tablet

how does bluetooth work

How Does Bluetooth Work?

Learn how Bluetooth works to send data from one device to another. Find out what Bluetooth is used for with hhgregg’s quick overview.

student in library with laptop

Desktops vs. Laptops

Trying to decide between a desktop and a laptop? Read these tips from hhgregg to learn the benefits of each.

xbox vs playstation.

Xbox Vs PlayStation

Can’t decide between the PlayStation4 vs the Xbox One? This guide from hhgregg can help you choose the right system.

camera memory backup.

Backing Up Photos & Videos

Don’t lose any of your memories! Learn how important it is to have a camera backup for your photo and video files.

friends having dinner

Outdoor Speaker Installation Tips

Take your summer cookouts and get-togethers to the next level by installing outdoor speakers with this guide from hhgregg.

woman with bose headphones on

Headphone Buying Guide

Looking for new headphones but not sure of what kind? Use our headphone buying guide to learn about types of headphones and what might be best for you.

how to set parental controls.

Setting Parental Controls for Android Devices

Keep kids safe on Android devices with parental controls. Learn how to restrict browser and app access on Smartphones and create separate profiles on your Tablets.

man playing video game with controller.

PC Gaming vs Console Gaming

What’s the difference between PC and console gaming? hhgregg compares the two to see how performance, set up, games and cost compare.

voice controls.

Google Home vs Amazon Echo

Learn more about the key differences between Google Home and Amazon Echo with hhgregg. We compare the best smart speakers available today.

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