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Create the ultimate home viewing experience in your living room with power of a curved 4K TV. Not only will you get the picture quality of 4K ultra high definition at four times the resolution of full HD, but you’ll also enjoy the greater viewing angle from the curved design. Learn more about the technology and benefits of a curved TV in our guide below.

How do curved TV screens work?

Unlike a flat screen, the curved design gives you a perfect view no matter where you are sitting in the room. You’ll feel more immersed in what you are watching as your eyes take in the peripheral vision of the curve, making you feel the depth of the picture. Curved TVs also provide a wider field of view. Watch our video highlighting the Samsung 65” 3D Curved UHD 4K Smart HDTV to see the impact of the curved television screen.

Why are curved TVs better?

In addition to the reasons above, curved TV screens make images look sharper at the edges. That’s because our eyes are better able to track the curved screen than a flat screen. Plus, you’ll get a better field of view as the curved screen fills a wider portion of your field of vision, and the focus of light bending toward your seat offers better image and color contrast. And, a curved 4K TV can reduce reflections and eliminate the halo effect you see with other screens.

Where should I set up my curved TV?

Curved TVs are best set up at eye level. You can select a standard TV stand to achieve this goal. While the entire room should provide an enhanced viewing experience, the optimal viewing seat is directly across from the center of the TV with the middle of the screen set at eye level.

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