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A Transformative Experience with AMD Technology

With all the tech-y talk, it’s often difficult to see through the abbreviations and details to actually see how technology can help make improvements to your daily life. Learn more about how AMD Technology can make it easier for you.

Is the Desktop Still a Viable Solution?

It seems like the trend is for electronic devices to get smaller and smaller these days. With the addition of smartphones, tablets and netbooks to the world of consumer electronics, many are asking themselves if desktop computers are a sensible purchase, or if they will soon become obsolete.

Why Buy a Tablet?

There are many reasons to buy a tablet, but how you plan to use your tablet will impact which type of tablet you should buy. Check out some of the most common tablet uses and see which types of tablets will work best for your needs.

Choosing the Right Webcam

You may have a long-distance relationship, a spouse in the military or grandchildren that livetoofar away from you to visit on a regular basis. Webcams help you maintain more quality communications with those you love who live far away. You will need a suitable webcam with high-definition capabilities if you make a lot video calls or post video feed of yourself.

Satellite Radios

Satellite radios offer more music options than ever before. You can record the music you love and listen to it whenever you want – commercial free.

The World’s Slimmest LED Monitor

At only 0.5 inches thick, the AOC 24-inch Widescreen LED Monitor is the slimmest PC monitor in the world. It's even thinner than the iPad and many other tablets on the market today. AOC's monitor, which is also available in a 20-inch model at hhgregg, has an ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio of 50 million to 1, which means you see darker darks and lighter lights for an amazing depth of field.

The Tablet vs. the PC: Which Should I Buy?

Technology has returned to what students used in the classroom 100 years ago: tablets. Today though, Anne of Green Gables would probably pay a higher price for breaking a tablet over Gilbert Blythe's head.

How to Set up Your Internet Network at Home

Many electronic devices that you can purchase today require an internet connection. But how can you establish a secure connection for all the devices in your home office and entertainment system?

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