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Guide to buying a refrigerator, TV & other big-ticket items

Are you planning to purchase a big-ticket item soon? Whether you’re buying a refrigerator, dishwasher, television or other large item, we provide several resources that can make your transaction simple. Plus, we can help you apply for an hhgregg credit card that to help with financing furniture, appliances, TVs, electronics and more.

Review our expert buying guides

Buying guides are a great starting point for researching any large purchase. By providing an overview of various model types, our buying guides can help you identify the must-have features and considerations for your lifestyle. For example, did you know that the two largest-sized dishwashers have similar external dimensions, but hold different amounts of dishes? A relevant buying guide can give you some helpful information before you make a big purchase and help you select the type of product that fits your budget.

To start exploring hhgregg’s buying guides and expert resources for a variety of big-ticket items, check out:

Check out our product finders

Once you’ve decided on the type of product you need (top-load washer vs. front-load washer, 4K TV vs. HD TV, standard vs. compact dishwasher), it’s time to create a list of specific products to consider. With hundreds of brands and models out there, the search can be overwhelming, but our product finders can help you narrow it all down to the perfect brand and model.

By answering a few simple questions, you’re on your way to making the best choice for your household, whether you’re purchasing a new washing machine, oven or television. Our product finders allow you to select your preferred features, price range, color and more – leading you to a list of products that will meet your needs and preferences!

To get started, visit the following product finders:

Compare your top picks side by side

Now that you’ve found a few specific models from the product finder, narrow down your choices even further by easily comparing products on As you’re looking at available products by category or brand, check the “Compare” box below each item – you can compare up to four products at a time. After you’ve made your selections, click the “Compare” button at the top of the page (displayed in the red box below) for a side-by-side comparison of features and specs. You can even highlight the differences between each product!

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Furniture, appliance, electronic & TV financing

Sometimes when you’re making a big purchase, you don’t always have the funds available to cover it. hhgregg can help. Apply for an hhgregg credit card, financed through Synchrony bank, and you’ll enjoy low monthly payments that allow you to pay off your purchase as you go. Financing furniture, appliances, electronics, computers and TVs is easy with our hhgregg credit card.

Enjoy a full-service experience at hhgregg

After you’ve finished your research, it’s time to make your purchase! Take advantage of the services offered at hhgregg for a seamless experience. Our in-store associates are specially trained to provide you with recommendations that fit your lifestyle and unique needs. You can also chat online with a specialist who can help provide guidance as you’re making your decision.

Pro tip: Of course you’ll want to buy your product for the best price. You can be among the first to know about our upcoming sales by subscribing to our emails. You can also visit our Clearance and Deals section for the latest discounts on your next upgrade. Plus, with our price match guarantee you don’t have to worry that you are missing out on a better price elsewhere.

Once you’ve bought your new product, you’ll want to set it up in your home right away. hhgregg offers Next Day Delivery Service to keep your wait time brief as our delivery team works to promptly deliver your new TV, fridge or piece of furniture right to your door – perfect for a replacement buy.

With all the resources you need on how to buy a dishwasher, refrigerator, TV and other big-ticket items, start shopping at!

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