Benefits of Bluetooth Speakers

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Are you curious about what a Bluetooth speaker is and why you should invest in one? Well, when it comes to setting up your home’s audio system, there are bound to be rooms outside of the speaker’s range. With more and more people wanting audio capabilities in multiple rooms of their house, the need for speakers with longer ranges is becoming increasingly prevalent. However, with Bluetooth speakers on the market, it’s never been easier to bring your audio with you. Whether you’re outside, moving from room-to-room or if you simply want the flexibility of where your audio device lives, the benefits of Bluetooth speakers are endless.

How to use wireless speakers

Bluetooth speakers utilize the same technology found in most cell phones and laptop computers, connecting wirelessly to your device and giving you up to 33 feet of range. Because most people utilizing a wireless or portable speaker system will stay within close range of the device, 33 feet is more than enough room to stay connected. Plus, with some wireless speaker batteries lasting for up to 18 hours, you can turn your speaker on in the morning and listen all day long.

To connect to your speaker, you’ll first need to make sure that whatever device you’re using to play the audio files has Bluetooth capabilities. Once you’ve confirmed it can connect, turn your wireless or portable Bluetooth speaker on. Once it’s on and ready to connect, go into the Bluetooth settings on your home PC, laptop, smart phone, etc. There you’ll find the name of your Bluetooth speaker. Once you select the speaker, the two devices will sync and you’ll hear the audio playing from the wireless or portable speaker system rather than on your audio device. For more information on how to use wireless speakers, consult the owner’s manual of both your device and the Bluetooth speakers.

How to choose wireless speakers

Now that you know how to use wireless speakers, the next question you may have is how to choose the wireless speakers that are right for you. Apart from visiting a store to actually hear what you’re buying, PCMag has some tips when it comes to looking for—or listening to— a Bluetooth speaker system:

  • Audio quality - While it seems obvious to say that audio quality should be at the top of your list, many wireless and portable speakers don’t offer much else other than high-quality sound. When listening to devices in the store (or reading reviews online), be sure to pay attention to what the sound quality is like—while not everyone is a huge fan of bass, your speakers should be able to produce high and low frequencies without distorting the sound.

  • Size and design - Because your wireless speaker is most likely going to be in and around your home, it’s important to find a speaker that complements your personal style—you don’t want to be stuck with a wireless speaker that you hide when guests come over. Another feature to pay attention to is weight. The benefit of a Bluetooth speaker is that you can take it with you, but if it’s heavy and hard to carry, you’re more likely to just leave it on a shelf. Bigger doesn’t always mean better.

  • Price - While you can spend up to $600 on a wireless or portable speaker system, don’t assume an expensive speaker means it is higher-quality. High-end models cost a pretty penny, but it comes down to personal preference and the audio quality of the device. According to PCMag, “the trick is to get the best sound, along with the features you want, at a price you can afford.”

What is the best Bluetooth speaker?

Finding what the best Bluetooth speaker is for you and your home depends on your listening habits as well as your personal preference. It’s best to go to an electronics store near you and both listen and interact with the variety of devices on the market. At hhgregg, our expert sales associates can answer any number of questions for you, including, “what is the best Bluetooth speaker for me?” When it comes to how to choose wireless speakers that are right for you and your listening needs, hearing is believing.


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