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4K TV has completely changed how we consume media with its unparalleled quality. So whether you’re at the start of your research or ready to buy, we’ve provided a quick overview of what you’ll need for your 4K TV setup.

First things first: What is 4K TV?

If you’re unfamiliar with 4K TV, you can get an easy overview on 4K TV technology on our blog. Simply put, 4K ultra HDTV – also known as UHD, ultra HD and 4K – has four times the pixels of a 1080p HDTV. In other words, you can fit every pixel from your 1080p TV into one quarter of a 4K screen, which provides real-life visual quality. Check out our video below for more information:

How do I select the right size 4K TV for my space?

Before you buy, consider which room your 4K TV will live in. The physical size of the room will help determine the available viewing distance and ultimately, the size of your TV. See below for an easy guide to help with selecting the right size:

choosing tv size

Where do I place my TV?

After selecting a TV size, you can set up your space for the most enjoyable viewing experience. Believe it or not, your 4K TV should be an accent in your room rather than the focal point. Doing this creates a transformational space when entertaining guests, enjoying an afternoon movie marathon or competing in your next family game night.

With 4K TV technology, sitting close to the TV is actually a good thing! Not only does it reduce glare, but getting up close and personal also allows the screen to fill more of your visual field, yielding greater immersion in whatever you’re watching. Also, the pixels on a 4K TV are four times smaller than an HDTV, which makes them harder to see – so you can get closer to the screen without disturbing the quality. When determining the seating around your TV, the ideal distance for a 55” or 65” 4K ultra HDTV is between five and six feet, compared to approximately eight feet for an HDTV in the same size.

For a comfortable viewing position, the height of your TV shouldn’t be too high (think of sitting in the front row at a movie theater). Whether you’re planning to use an entertainment stand or mount your TV, the center of your TV should be at seated eye level or slightly lower. To do this, measure the height from the floor to your eyes while seated. You can go a step further by taking the average measurements of the tallest and shortest people in your home.

What do I need for my 4K TV setup?

When setting up your 4K TV, the possibilities are limitless with a wide variety of home theater systems, Blu-ray and DVD players and other accessories. If your TV has Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to connect to the Internet wirelessly. Otherwise, you’ll need an Ethernet cord to connect your 4K TV. Especially with 4K, it’s important to have a fast Internet connection to ensure any streamed content is crystal clear.

If you’ll be using your 4K TV’s HDMI outputs, choose a high-speed HDMI cable to watch 4K video at ultra HD resolution. For some 4K TV models, another option is a DisplayPort cable, which will provide you with 4K image and audio. Speak with an hhgregg associate to discuss any additional cable needs depending on the brand and model of 4K television you buy.

What can I watch on my 4K TV?

While broadcast and streaming 4K content is at the brink of development, there’s a lot for you to enjoy on your new 4K TV. Currently, Sony and Netflix are the two primary HD content providers.

Sony’s Video Unlimited 4K service offers more than 70 films and TV shows that you can rent or buy. The service requires Sony’s 4K Ultra HD Media Player, which is compatible with all Sony 4K TVs. Once you’ve selected your next movie or TV show, it will download to the media player for viewing.

Netflix is currently testing 4K streaming with select shows, including “House of Cards” and “Breaking Bad,” and select films including “Ghostbusters” and “The Smurfs 2.” The streaming service is compatible with Samsung, Sony and LG 4K TVs with a 25Mpbs Internet connection. To be on the safe side, use Netflix's Help Guide to make sure your new TV can stream UHD from the service.

Amazon is following suit with its announcement that it will begin streaming 4K content to select TV brands by October 2015.

Many new films and TV shows are now filming in 4K, so stay tuned for even more 4K content! For now, much of what you’ll see on your 4K TV is “upscaled content.” This is a process that increases the pixel count of lower-resolution content to fit a screen with more pixels. While not as crystal clear as 4K content, upscaling noticeably reduces the appearance of jagged edges.

Outfit your smart 4K TV with the perfect apps

Many 4K TVs today are also “smart” TVs, which are great for the whole family! Before you can enjoy your favorite online shows, browse the web or check your social channels, you’ll need the right apps. Once you’ve turned your TV on and have gone through the initial setup, consider downloading social apps such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for the ultimate convenience in your living room. You can also download music streaming apps such as Pandora and Spotify to enjoy your favorite tunes while cooking or entertaining.

With this guide, you should be prepared for your 4K TV setup! For more help in selecting the perfect TV for your needs and budget, use our TV buying guide.


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