4K Movies & Streaming Content Available

4k movies and streaming content.

Why is 4K Ultra HD content important?

It’s all about resolution. 4K Ultra high definition TVs offer greater picture clarity because they have more pixels. Images will look sharper and crisper, no matter where you are sitting in the room.

If you pay attention to TV technology, you know that 4K Ultra HD has dominated the conversation in the last few years. Buying a 4K TV is your first step if you want to watch 4K content. But just because you have a 4K TV doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be watching 4K content. You have to specifically steam 4K content. The good news is that there is a lot of 4K content available, as more is being created.

Where to get 4K content

If you have a Smart TV, your TV can connect directly with your Wi-Fi and you can access different apps to find 4K content. If you don’t have a Smart TV (or you prefer to have both), you’ll need some kind of streaming media player. You can also connect to the Internet and access apps on certain video game consoles and Blu-ray players.


Planning to binge watch all weekend? You’ll find a handful of 4K content available on Netflix including Breaking Bad, Fuller House and House of Cards. Some 4K movies are accessible too, including Daredevil, but the list is somewhat limited. Expect it to grow as time goes on!

Amazon Prime Instant Video

You’ll find 4K video on Amazon, too. A few series are available in 4K streaming, including Mozart in the Jungle and over 30 movie titles – Captain Philips, Hitch and The Martian among them. You can also purchase 4K ultra HD movies even if you don’t have a Prime membership.


We all know that YouTube has a wonderfully wide selection of videos available, but you might not have realized that it also has 4k video available, and for free. As long as your TV or monitor is 4K compatible and your Internet connection is strong, you can dive right in without paying a thing.

Other Apps:

Amazon, Netflix and YouTube are some of the better known apps for accessing 4K streaming content, but they aren’t the only ones. Here’s a list of other places you’ll find 4K content:

Plus, while 4K streaming has taken off faster than actual DVDs, there are 4K movies available on discs now. You’ll need a 4K Blu-ray player along with a 4K compatible TV.

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