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Nyko Wand+ Remote Wireless for Nintendo Wii (Model: 87095)



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Product Features

Full motion technology provides 1:1 movement tracking fully compatible with all Wii motion plus games without the need for any extra dongles or add-ons. With the Wand in your hand, you'll have total control of all your Wii software as well as a rubberized B-Trigger, larger 1 and 2 buttons and an improved and re-worked d-pad for more comfortable and accurate classic and horizontal game play. The Wand is ergonomically crafted for left and right handed use with a form factor designed for maximum compatibility with 1st and 3rd party accessories. Expand your control possibilities with Nyko's Trans-port technologies, exclusively developed for the Wand. Trans-port technology allows specially designed attachments to pass through key buttons to the attachment, allowing for more responsive attachments that can easily integrate with your Wand controller for a variety of games.

  • Rubber side grips, Vibration, Force feedback, Motion sensor
  • Full motion technology - Full motion technology provides full 1:1 movement tracking for full Wii motion plus compatibility with no additional dongles or attachments.
  • Trans-port technology - Relocate key buttons and vibration through specially designed accessories and attachments for better more immersive control.
  • Custom design - Enlarged and highly responsive buttons allow for more accurate and comfortable game play while a rubber grip insures a better hold of the remote.
  • Wireless - Bluetooth technology allows for wireless play up to 20 feet away from the consol.
  • Full motion technology for compatibility with all Wii motion plus games with no additional dongle
  • Trans-port technology allows for use of custom shells and accessories
  • Accelerometer for motion control game play
  • CMOS camera for pointer/cursor functionality
  • Play wirelessly up to 20 feet away from the console
  • Enlarged buttons and re-designed d-pad allow for convenient horizontal play
  • Powerful speaker provides instant audio feedback
  • Full rumble support
  • Unique aesthetic design with rubberized underside for optimal grip
  • Padded silicon grip included for additional protection and safety