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During the cold seasons, the dry air from the weather can cause your skin to be dry, cracking and uncomfortable. The humidifiers from hhgregg can help to prevent that by adding moisture into the air. There are two main types:

  • Warm mist humidifier – Using a heating element, warm steam is released into the room after water is boiled inside the machine. The boiling process may kill more germs and some users prefer breathing in the warmer air.
  • Cool mist humidifier – Water vapor is sprayed into the air at room temperature. Evaporative cool mist uses a fan to pull air through a filter. An ultrasonic humidifier uses an ultrasonic frequency and a vibrating metal plate to break down the water into drops that are then pushed into the air. A cool mist humidifier is generally cheaper and is often recommended by doctors for infants and children.

Finding the right humidifier is essential to help you through those allergy and cold seasons by keeping your home moisturized.

More than just humidifiers

Find everything you need for a comfortable home at hhgregg. From everyday appliances such as dryers or refrigerators to the always beneficial air conditioners for the warmer seasons. All of this and more can be found when you shop online or visit your local hhgregg.

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