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LG 30" Stainless Steel Convection Smoothtop Electric Range

Model: LRE3083ST

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PartNumber/dp: 216352
modelNo: LRE3083ST
cat2.partNumber: 216352
DisplayModelOrDP: M
This large electric oven comes with EasyClean™ technology that handles all of your family's cooking needs without worrying about cleaning up the mess in your oven. Whether you're baking large batches of cookies or a roast for the holidays, this oven can fit it all.

SRP $999.99
Savings $70.00
Your Price $929.99

KitchenAid 30" Stainless Steel Convection Double Oven Gas Range

Model: KGRS505XSS

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PartNumber/dp: 203263
modelNo: KGRS505XSS
cat2.partNumber: 203263
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This double oven range allows you to cook several dishes simultaneously, even at different temperatures. An oval burner provides better heat coverage for the cast-iron griddle or when cooking with long, specialty cookware on the center grate.

SRP $2,099.99

Whirlpool 30" Stainless Steel Gas Range

Model: WFG505M0BS

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PartNumber/dp: 219928
modelNo: WFG505M0BS
cat2.partNumber: 219928
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Multiple Power™ burners make high heat tasks like searing and frying easy, while an 8,000-BTU middle burner offers added flexibility and room to cook all of your favorite dishes. Plus, it's easy to slide heavy pots and pans across the continuous, satin-finish cast-iron grates to the optimal cooking location.

SRP $729.99
Savings $190.00
Your Price $539.99

Whirlpool 30" Stainless Steel Double Oven Electric Range

Model: WGE555S0BS

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PartNumber/dp: 217220
modelNo: WGE555S0BS
cat2.partNumber: 217220
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Bring dinner to the table faster with a double oven electric range that's designed to make everyday cooking tasks easy. This Whirlpool® 6.7 total cu. ft. electric range's upper oven is not only a convenient size to handle what you cook the most, but it also preheats in less than five minutes — faster than a full-size oven.

SRP $1,249.99
Savings $260.00
Your Price $989.99

LG 30" Stainless Steel Convection Gas Range

Model: LRG3085ST

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PartNumber/dp: 221286
modelNo: LRG3085ST
cat2.partNumber: 221286
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Who says serving your family delicious, nutritious homemade meals has to be boring? Kick it up a notch with LG's large capacity range. True Convection preheats faster and lets you bake, brown and crisp to perfection - all while sealing in flavors and juices like a pro.

SRP $1,499.99
Savings $100.00
Your Price $1,399.99

Whirlpool 30" Stainless Steel Smoothtop Electric Range

Model: WFE540H0AS

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PartNumber/dp: 210253
modelNo: WFE540H0AS
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The AccuBake® temperature management system’s built-in sensor monitors oven temperature and the cooking elements to deliver consistent, delicious results every time. Plus the TimeSavor™ fan distributes hot air more efficiently to seal in flavors and juices.

SRP $899.99
Savings $270.00
Your Price $629.99

LG 30" Stainless Steel Smoothtop Convection Double Oven Electric Range

Model: LDE3037ST

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PartNumber/dp: 215060
modelNo: LDE3037ST
cat2.partNumber: 215060
DisplayModelOrDP: M
Grill all year long with the Infrared grilling system from LG. LG's Infrared Grill has an infrared-heating element that gets your oven to reach broil temperature more quickly and cuts over 20 percent of your cooking time on common foods, like hamburgers and chicken breasts. And since this is the same technology as premium outdoor grills, your food will come out just as juicy.

SRP $1,699.99
Savings $120.00
Your Price $1,579.99

Frigidaire 30" Stainless Steel Gas Range

Model: FGGF3032MF

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PartNumber/dp: 209661
modelNo: FGGF3032MF
cat2.partNumber: 209661
DisplayModelOrDP: M
Delight in the great meals you'll enjoy from this Frigidaire range that was designed, built and engineered in the United States. Even baking technology ensures even baking every time.

SRP $949.99
Savings $200.00
Your Price $749.99

Frigidaire 30" Stainless Steel Smoothtop Electric Range

Model: FFEF3048LS

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PartNumber/dp: 202644
modelNo: FFEF3048LS
cat2.partNumber: 202644
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Frigidaire wants you to have what you need to cook great meals. This range has a 5.3 cu. ft. capacity so you can cook more at once. The controls are easy-to-use and the flexible expandable element expands to your cooking needs.


Frigidaire 30" Gas Range

Model: FFGF3005MW

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PartNumber/dp: 207887
modelNo: FFGF3005MW
cat2.partNumber: 207887
DisplayModelOrDP: M
This Frigidaire Gas Range gives you the basics and fits into your budget. The broil-and-serve drawer provides a fully accessible broiling surface in a convenient drawer. The gas range also features an electronic ignition.


Whirlpool 30" Stainless Steel Double Oven Gas Range

Model: WGG555S0BS

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PartNumber/dp: 216810
modelNo: WGG555S0BS
cat2.partNumber: 216810
DisplayModelOrDP: M
Cook multiple dishes for a large family meal or prepare treats for a bake sale with a double oven gas range that offers the capacity and features you need to perfect your favorite recipes.

SRP $1,349.99
Savings $270.00
Your Price $1,079.99

Samsung 30" Stainless Steel Gas Range

Model: NX58H5600SS

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PartNumber/dp: 220025
modelNo: NX58H5600SS
cat2.partNumber: 220025
DisplayModelOrDP: M
Cook with this Samsung Gas Range that offers fan convection that's great for baking and broiling because the heat is distributed thorougly. It also offers a griddle that allows cooking a variety of breakfast foods or grilled sandwiches.

SRP $1,099.99
Savings $350.00
Your Price $749.99
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