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LG 30" Stainless Steel Double Oven Gas Range

Model: LDG3035ST

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PartNumber/dp: 215061
modelNo: LDG3035ST
cat2.partNumber: 215061
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Want more space and flexibility while you cook? Look no further than this LG double oven. The cooktop with front controls offers ample space with 5 high performance burners, so you can use large pans and skillets while still having two free ovens.

SRP $1,599.99
Savings $350.00
Your Price $1,249.99

LG 26 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Door-in-Door Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Model: LSXS26366S

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PartNumber/dp: 222329
modelNo: LSXS26366S
cat2.partNumber: 222329
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With a generous 26 cu. ft. capacity and featuring our SpacePlus™ Ice System, this side-by-side refrigerator maximizes food storage space to accommodate all of your family's food. It’s designed with convenient slide-out and folding shelving, tilting and adjustable door bins, and multiple crisper drawers — to help faciliate organization, so you can find just what you need in a snap.

SRP $1,799.99
Savings $180.00
Your Price $1,619.99

LG 24 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator

Model: LFXC24726S

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PartNumber/dp: 221053
modelNo: LFXC24726S
cat2.partNumber: 221053
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With the largest capacity in its class at 24 cu. ft., this LG three-door counter depth refrigerator can not only stand flush with your countertop to provide a seamless look, it's got the room to store all your family's favorite foods.

SRP $3,599.99
Savings $1,100.00
Your Price $2,499.99

LG 24 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Model: LFXS24623S

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PartNumber/dp: 222159
modelNo: LFXS24623S
cat2.partNumber: 222159
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If you think a refrigerator with top-of-the-line features means sacrificing style or space, this will make you reconsider. With over 24 cu. ft., this 33” wide refrigerator has the largest capacity in the market and features like a tall water dispenser with an ice system that actually frees up shelf space.

SRP $2,799.99
Savings $800.00
Your Price $1,999.99

LG 27 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel 4-Door French Door Refrigerator

Model: LMXS27626S

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PartNumber/dp: 222600
modelNo: LMXS27626S
cat2.partNumber: 222600
DisplayModelOrDP: M
With a generous 27 cu. ft. capacity (26.8 cu. ft. actual capacity), this LG four-door refrigerator not only has the features to help keep your food fresh, it's got the room to store it all. The Smart Cooling Plus System is designed to maintain superior humidity and temperature levels.

SRP $2,899.99
Savings $900.00
Your Price $1,999.99

LG 24 Cu. Ft. 33" Wide Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Model: LTCS24223W

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PartNumber/dp: 221714
modelNo: LTCS24223W
cat2.partNumber: 221714
DisplayModelOrDP: M
Keep your food fresher with this LG 24 cu. ft. Refrigerator (23.8 cu. ft. actual capacity) that is designed to keep temperature and humidity levels where they need to be.

SRP $1,099.99
Savings $110.00
Your Price $989.99

LG 24 Cu. Ft. Door-in-Door Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Model: LFXS24566S

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PartNumber/dp: 221062
modelNo: LFXS24566S
cat2.partNumber: 221062
DisplayModelOrDP: M
Now you can keep your refrigerator organized instead of just wishing you could. With 24 cubic feet (23.9 cu. ft. actual capacity) to work with, you get lots of great space. From post-workout protein shakes to after-school snacks, LG's Door-in-Door® design keeps all your favorites at your fingertips while reducing cold air loss to help keep foods fresher longer -  all with the push of a button.

SRP $2,699.99
Savings $800.00
Your Price $1,899.99

LG Studio 24" Stainless Steel Steam Dishwasher

Model: LSDF9962ST

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PartNumber/dp: 220640
modelNo: LSDF9962ST
cat2.partNumber: 220640
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Don’t waste time pre-washing your dishes for the dishwasher. Let our TrueSteam™ technology do the work. Our powerful, yet gentle TrueSteam™ generator virtually eliminates the need to pre-wash dishes. It also includes our EasyRack™ Plus with a Height Adjustable 3rd Rack allowing you to change the racks around easily to fit any load. Finally, there’s a dishwasher that gets the job done.

SRP $1,319.99
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LG 20 Cu. Ft. 30" Wide Stainless Steel Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Model: LTCS20220S

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PartNumber/dp: 221711
modelNo: LTCS20220S
cat2.partNumber: 221711
DisplayModelOrDP: M
This large capacity top-freezer refrigerator with 20.2 cubic feet of space at 30 inches wide has a lot to offer. The built-in ice maker and sophisticated styling transforms this traditional style refrigerator into a leader in its category.

SRP $1,049.99
Savings $105.00
Your Price $944.99

LG Studio 30" Stainless Steel Slide-in Convection Electric Range

Model: LSES302ST

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PartNumber/dp: 220661
modelNo: LSES302ST
cat2.partNumber: 220661
DisplayModelOrDP: M
There are extra-large ranges. There are high-tech ranges. There are sleek and beautiful ranges. There are ranges that are easy to use and even ranges that deliver professional results. Then there’s this range. This range is all of those things. And that’s something better.

SRP $2,529.99

LG 2 Cu. Ft. 1,000-Watt Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Microwave

Model: LMV2031ST

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PartNumber/dp: 221626
modelNo: LMV2031ST
cat2.partNumber: 221626
DisplayModelOrDP: M
Quicker? Quieter? Easier than ever? That's dinner, thanks to LG's 2 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave. Sensor Cooking's humidity-sensing technology helps prevent over- and under-cooking so you can cook with confidence.

SRP $349.99
Savings $80.00
Your Price $269.99

LG 30" Stainless Steel Gas Range

Model: LRG3091ST

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PartNumber/dp: 208658
modelNo: LRG3091ST
cat2.partNumber: 208658
DisplayModelOrDP: M
Cook like a pro with LG’s Gas Range. Its PreciseTemp™ Bake System will provide even and consistent cooking for foolproof meals. Plus, when time isn’t on your side, its SuperBoil™ 17,000 BTU burners can bring large amounts of water to a rapid boil. With this much cooking power in your kitchen, chances are you’ll always get it right.

SRP $999.99
Savings $280.00
Your Price $719.99
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